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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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in the west. it is wednesday, august 10, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump, defends his comments that some say invited violence against hillary suggest close ties between the state department and clinton foundation. a florida police officer kills a 73-year-old woman during a citizen training exercise. the police chief calls it a horrible accident. plus, michael phelps wins his 21st goal medal and the women's gymnastics routes the russians. but some say men are getting too much triump.
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seconds. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> deflects claims of inciting violence. >> he would be in the back of a police wagon now. >> imagine if she said that about donald trump. i mean, we would all be going crazy. >> sound likes just a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up quickly. >> this is a political movement. there can be no interpretation. roe reporters have told me give me a break. >> investigators in florida are trying to figure out how a woman was accidentally shot to death by a police officer. >> mary was mistakenly shot with a live round. >> four more people diagnosed with a zika virus. >> warning passengers flights will not be back to normal, as
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thousands of passengers. >> i need to get back. >> hundreds of homes are being evacua evacuated. >> there is a lot of structures. >> the gigantic dust cloud in phoenix, tropical storm javier. >> all that -- >> tim tebow, going into baseball. >> he hit .494 in high school. >> that could be next. >> that matters -- >> she is quote, good on national security. >> slehillary clinton is distang herself from the -- >> oh, my god, he is with her? >> on "cbs this morning." >> judges, put unpencils down. that's an olympic gold medal winning moment. >> the u.s. women's gymnastics
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>> this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning," norah o'donnell is off. donald trump faces a new barrage of criticism for something he said. this time, an apparent offhand comment during a campaign rally in north carolina. >> hillary second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. but. >> democrats and other critics accused trump of inciting violence against hillary clinton. >> now the trump campaign insists his words were being twisted. major garrett is in north
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behind him last night. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump denied his comments hib hinted at implied a threat against hillary clinton or anyone. last night, he felled compelled to explain them more fully. so did his traveling surrogates. enthusiastic trump supporters say he blew and he has to be more careful. >> there can be no more reporters even told me give me a break. >> reporter: insisting his comments were not a threat, but a call to take political action to stop hillary clinton. >> reporter: z hill-- >> hillary wants to take your guns away. >> reporter: defending it on twitter, alleging the gun control will undermine constitutional rights. >> the second amendment people have tremendous people because they're so united. >> i've seen statements from democrats so far who equated it
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not what that was? >> oh, no. this is political power. >> reporter: at afternoon rally in fayetteville, rudy giuliani felt the need to clarify. >> then he said, and you have the power to do something about it. and what he meant by that was, you have the power to vote against her. >> reporter: even before his latest questionable comments, a rash of gop security professionals announced fears of tr dangerous. trump seemed unphased. >> these people are not the kind of people we want. these are people that have given us a messed up world. >> reporter: fresh off the primary win in wisconsin, paul ryan refused to comment on the latest trump firestorm. >> it sounds like a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up quickly. >> reporter: continued to stand by his party's nominee. >> we will find far better receptivity of our a jenty that we're trying to get on track than the hillary clinton
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>> reporter: in a move without are precedents, the united states secret service acknowledged it was aware about the comments regarding clinton. they released this tweet, saying they are aware of the comments, which some perceive, dana, as a threat from one major party nominee against another. >> major, thank you. a poll just released this morning shows nearly one out of five republicans voters want trump to quit the race. it was taken before this controversy. nancy cordes is covering the clinton campaign, which is already using the comment to help with fundraising. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the clinton campaign says it demonstrates why more and more top republicans are defecting to their side everyday. in fact, they're unveiling a new effort today to put the republicans to work. recruiting others. >> secretary clinton, any reaction to donald trump's comments about the second amendment and you today? >> reporter: in florida, clinton ignored the uproar, but her
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texas. >> i really frankly couldn't believe he said it. >> reporter: senator tim kaine said it reveals a man unfit to lead. >> violence is not any leadership -- >> reporter: other democrats came down harder. elizabeth warren tweeted he makes death threats because a coward that can't handle the fact that's losing to a girl. gabby giffords who was shot in an assassination attempt trump's words may provide inspiration or permission for those bent on bloodshed. >> get him out of here, will you please. get him out of here. throw him out. >> reporter: but the clinton campaign argued trump's rhetoric should not come as a surprise to anyone who has watched his rally. >> i would like to punch him in the face. i'll tell you. knock the crap out of him. would you. seriously. okay, just knock the hell -- i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees, i promise. i promise.
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and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> would he be danger to america and global security. >> reporter: michael hayden a republican who was not swayed by the trump campaign explanation. >> if someone had said that, outside the hall, he would be in the back of a police wagon now. with the secret service questioning him. >> reporter: today, the clinton campaign is announcing a new coalition of nearly 50 top republicans and independents backing clinton, who will fund raise, campaign in battleground states andta the group includes three former cabinet secretaries, six former ambassadors, and six current or former members of congress, including some who haven't come forward for clinton before, including maryland's connie morrell, donald trump represents practically everything i was taught not to be, and taught our daughter not to be. gayle. >> nancy, as you know, hillary clinton is facing a series of new questions about her e-mails
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messages that focuses on ties between the clinton foundation and state department when she was the secretary of state. how is the clinton campaign responding to that today? >> reporter: gayle, the clinton campaign denies any foundation donors received any special treatment, because she was secretary of state. but now, this batch of new e-mails obtained by the group judicial watch has some exchanges with huma abedin and doug band who led the global a request from band for a quote, favor, from someone who seems to have been looking for a job. in another, band asks abedin to connect labanes ebill i don't know nares with someone of influence in lebanon. the ambassador there would be a good contact and said she would give him a call. the clinton campaign says the e-mails did not involve secretary clinton herself.
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in his capacity as an aide to former president clinton, and not as a foundation official. charlie. >> thanks, nancy. dan seno was an advisor to the romney cam panl. welcome. >> good to be with you. let's talk about the controversy of the second amendment and donald trump. do you take him at his word that he was talking about political power? >> no. i've watched it, i've watched it probably 20 times. the best you could really want to give him the benefit of the doubt, he was joke become a subject you shouldn't be joking about. which is about inciting violence, particularly inciting violence against someone who is under secret service protection. they had to put out a statement saying they are aware of the comment. >> a joke or not, but you believe his words should lead you to say he was insightsing violence? >> yeah, well, it has the effect of inciting violence, i'm not sure that was his intention, but it has the effect. look, he has a pattern.
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if you look at what he said about megyn kelly, what he said about judge curiel, about what he said encouraging russians to hack and get the e-mails. if you look add what he said during the wisconsin primary about abortion, if you look at what he said about the disabled physically disabled report fer the new york time, after each one of these incidents, he says no, no, no, i didn't mean it. you've got to give me the benefit of the doubt. it was taken out of context, being i misinterpreted. you have pattern where you constantly say things that are highly divisive and and extremely provocative, so much so that you have to come back and clean it up, one would think you would shall more cautious with your words, which means when you are talking about the second amendment and something that could allude to violence against a high profile political figure that is under secret service protection, you choose your words carefully. he did not do that. it is just another example for me and other leaders within the republican party that he is extremely reckless. >> let's talk about the leader force a second.
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night, a big win in wisconsin, he calmled it a bad joke gone bad. do you think the leadership is worried in the republican party? when you talk to the trump campaign, they have a "mad magazine", what, me worry. do you think the leadership is worried? >> the leadership is absolutely worried. i talked to a lot of them. let me give you some points that illustrate this. the clear average poll, sort of average of polls, has hillary clinton up right now, by 7.5 points. these twice as high as barack obama was at this point against john mccain in 2008 and against mitt romney in 2012. that's nationally. she is even ahead in states that republicans have won in previous elections. she is competitive in places like georgia and north carolina, arizona. if she wins those states, and wins florida and ohio, she could best barack obama's electoral
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electoral college votes. this could be a trounce. you could say -- >> we've still got time. >> you could say that's an outlier, and it won't effect down ballot races. i'm dubious. if hillary clinton gets 350 to 400 electoral college votes, it means the senate is highly unlikely and poses a threat to the house majority. >> does it relate to the e-mail threat to her, because this is the thing that many people say there may be something there in terms of the foundation and some act of connection at the state department? >> what's amazing to me is there is so much material, vis-a-vis hillary clinton, these e-mails are so damaging, it is no wonder her untrustworthy numbers, her unfavorables are so high. any other election with any other republican running against someone with this story and these numbers, they would be trouncing her. but because the republicans have nominated donald trump, she is
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baggage. >> his headlines lead the show instead of what's going on. >> right. >> dan, we appreciate it. a woman in florida was shot and killed by a police officer, and a class about police procedures. the chief called the death a 73-year-old mary nol ton a horrible accident. it happened in punta gorda, about 75 miles north of tampa. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: good morning. the entire polde property, that's we're told the 73-year-old lady was shot and killed in what is being described as a horrible accident. here is how the scenario usually goes. the officer plays the bad guy, the civilian plays the officer. in this case, the 73-year-old lady, walked up to what was believed to be the bad guy, the officer, and he shot her. he should have been using blank rounds, but instead, he had live ammo in his weapon.
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7:00 p.m. tuesday night at the public safety complex. mary nolton was among 35 people taking part in this. >> they were selected to be put through a shoot, don't shoot scenario, which they would make decisions lethal force in a live role play. during the first scenario, in a horrible accident, participant, mary nolton was mistakenly struckh >> reporter: the elderly victim was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. her son gave a statement to cbs news, saying this is a devastating time for us. my mom was a sanlts. such a tremendous loss of a wonderful human being, and the best mom a kid could ever hope for. >> our entire police department and all of the city leaders are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event. >> reporter: nolton was reportedly shot several times,
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charlotte sun. she was active in the community, volunteering as a board member for her local library group. >> everyone involved is in a state of overwhelming shock and grief. >> reporter: the officer who fired those live rounds is on paid administrative leave this morning. one of the questions people want to know, why was a real gun being used in a fake situation. gayle, i have to tell you, speaking with the police spokesman this morning, she conveyed small community and latddy who died heredy who died here was known to everybody including the police department, who knew her personally. even for law enforcement, it is a personal, devastating loss. >> her son describes her as a saints. you raise a good question. what was a live gun doing there. thousands of delta passengers face a third day of cancelations after the carrier's meltdown. the airline is still scrambling to rebook the flights two days
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they expect to cancel 90 flights today. canceling 800 yesterday. they're offering a voucher to anyone who was delayed more than three hours. re-at the rio olympics, micl phelps, the greatest olympic swimmer ever, added two more gold medals to his tally last night. rising star katie ledecky won her second in the pool. women's gymnastics, team wiped out the field. ben tracy is near the olympic caldron. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a little dreary here in rio this morning. look what we found for you. this is the official olympic caldron. they tell us it is intentionally small to limit emissions. if you want to look at something really on fire, look at the u.s.
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mat. michael phelps let his swimming do the talking, like he always has. the 31-year-old, five time olympian proved he has plenty of gas in the tank, snatching gold. not even a scramble to replace a swim cap could derail phelps from despite his record setting gold medal haul, which standing at 21, he led the emotion of what will likely be his final olympic show. taking to the crowd to embrace his son and family. the future of american swimming, that might be katie ledecky.
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maryland. on the mat, the americans grabbed yet another gold. with the women's gymnastics team putting on a clinic. led by 19-year-old simone biles. it was a total team effort, with douglas and koshan, hernandez on the beam, and raisman on the vault. the final five, they call themselves, crushinged the competition, winning by a staggering eight so take a look at this. this is what the olympic diving pool looked like yesterday. yeah, that's green water. it is not supposed to look like that. this is what it should look like. crystal blue water. officials here in rio, they don't know why this has happened. the olympic divers say they're keeping their mouths closed. back to you. >> that's a little scary looking. thank you very much, ben. go usa. a hungarian swimmer just won
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rolling in from central arizona yesterday... and likely some of the california wildfire smoke. ................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to king. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by chick-fil-a. we didn't invent the chicken,
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((brian loftus)) the valley is responding with support for a henderson family's car that rolled over on 1-15, killing three people inside. more than 50 thousand dollars has been raised for surviving victims. the mother joy and her son in law kekoa are expected to make a full physical recovery. investigators say the driver of the car drifted left into the median, then over corrected to the right roll over./// ((brian loftus)) trying to clear up confusion this morning .... after reports about a monkey that got loose on board a plane last night. this all reportedly happened on board a frontier flight from ohio to las vegas. initial reports said a passenger smuggled the monkey on the flight and at some point, it escaped custody.. we've since learned it was an emotional support service animal and the passenger had the required paperwork.
7:27 am
plane... or away from its owner./// quick check on your commute there was a pretty nasty crash on the southbound 95 exit to eastern earlier. the scene just wrapped up. there's crash reported on westbound desert inn and debbie reynolds, which is just past the paradise intersection. expect delays in the spaghetti bowl.
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this morning... thanks to a huge dust cloud rolling in from central arizona yesterday... and likely some of the california wildfire smoke. ................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ............ temps have dropped back to the 70s and 80s this morning. ................... highs will stay below normal for a couple, three days... in the upper 90s for us today and tomorrow for a nice change. then low 100s friday...
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? liskefeguards have the best seat for the olympics but take a woman behind this lifeguard. the lifeguard is not getting a lot of attention. she is getting a lot of attention for looking bored at an indoor water practice. people point out the irony having a lifeguard watch over the world's best swimmers. state law in rio reportedly requires a livergfeguard in a p larger than 20x20 feet. she is working the olympics but looks a little sad. it also mean, i think the world's most useless job is an olympic lifeguard. you're not getting a lot of action there. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up this half hour,
7:31 am
olympic coverage. critics say women who earn recognition are too easily overshadowed by the men. ahead the newspaper that identified a u.s. medal winner only as a football player's wife. facebook wages a war against ad blockers. how the social network is trying to bypass software that hides ads in your feeds. "the washington post" special operation troops aiding libyan forces in major battle against islamic state. the "baltimore sun" a report released later today say police routinely violated civil rights. baltimore officers make unusual stops and excessive force.
7:32 am
freddie gray in police custody the water supplies water to 6 million americans and the chemicals are linked to cancer and other illnesses. >> "the san francisco chronicle" says the california's utility was found of violating rules. the blast in 2010 killed eight people in san bruno. 38 homes were destroyed. a jury found pacific gas and electric knowingly failed to inspect and test its gas lines and it faces $3 million in fineses. female athletes have produced many of the top performances at the rio olympics, but even when women take gold medals, much of the reaction focuses on men. critics say it is proof that
7:33 am
female competitors. jamie yuccas is in rio many bel female athletes are not getting the credit they rightfully deserve. when hungarian swimmer set a new wore olympic gold, some of the focus fell on her husband and coach chain tuso. >> there is the guy responsible for turning his wife into a whole different swimmer. >> reporter: the remark lit up a firestorm on social media. on twitter, users called the
7:34 am
things differently. it is impossible to tell katinka's story accuratelily without giving appropriate credit to shane and that what i was trying to do. >> wove a woman running for president and it's still all about what the men behind them have been doing. >> reporter: it is one incident perceived as sexist. on sunday, another comment directed at swimmer drew criticism. >> a lot of people think she swims like a man. >> she doesn't swim like a man. she swims like katie ledecky. >> reporter: so did this tweet where corey cogdell was identified not by her name but is the wife of a bears lineman. >> to me the fact people immediately jumped on it and said that is not appropriate. give her the credit and not the man.
7:35 am
discussion. >> reporter: the "chicago tribune" also walked back at its original tweet. on monday, they released a statement saying, quote, she is awesome on her own. we focus too hard on trying to emphasize the local selection that cogdell-unrein has to chicago. facebook is looking to block ads that remove posts from your page but it is making it difficult for ad content. facebook says, ads support our mission of giving people the power to share and making the world more open and connected and we are putting control in people's hand with our updated ad preferences. nicholas thompson, the husband of who? >> danielle goldman. >> you are the husband of? danielle goldman but also the
7:36 am
good to have you at the table. this is the first time they blocked ads that they have gone against the ad blocks. why is that? >> i don't know exactly why facebook has waited until now. they are dependent on advertising revenue the fact they are trying to counter the add ad blockers is surprising. you look at their recent fcc filings they have put in they are afraid that it is a threat to their business. the reason they are acting now presumably is, a, it's a big enough threat and enough users are using it they are losing substantial and, b, they think a cat and mouse game goes on. the ad blocking companies come back and change their code to make the ads disappear again. facebook thinks they are figured it out and can win. >> how do they do this? >> what they are doing on facebook is they basically feed the ads in the content on to the page in exactly the same way. the way ads software usually works it scans all of the stuff on a page and says that is an ad, that is a story. block the ad. facebook will strip away the
7:37 am
way. then the ad blockers can't tell% that is their strategy but the ad blocking teams say we will figure it out. >> the interesting point here is that the great contribution to facebook growth has come from ads on mobile devices? >> right. this is actually only on desktop. they are not worried about ad blocking software on mobile devices. this is just on desktops. one of the most interesting things that will happen now the war between publishers and ad supported websites and ad blocking software has been going on a while, so magazines or other plays like "wired" magazine say you can't access their site if you use an ad blocker. a battle is going on. now facebook has joined the side of the publishers which could change the dynamic of it. >> what about consumers who are tired of the ads? what about that? >> it's not hostility to the business model of publishers. ad cover the whole screen and
7:38 am
what you want to read. >> can't they both coexist and everybody would be happy? >> this is ideal world. the ads are ad-friendly ads and users are happy. in a magazine, a lot of people actually like the ads. they add something to it. what advertisers, if they did that you probably wouldn't have ad blocker software. so possibly facebook will move us in that direction. >> advertisersil ads and websites will make better pages or we will have a nasty mess. >> one or the other. thank you, nick. hackers could find a cheap way to influence the presidential election. all they need is a simple device like a card reared. reader. >> how much does that cost? >> $15. >> for $15 i can cast a vote? >> for $15 and end up knowledge
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? concerns are growing this morning over the possibility of a hacked presidential election. experts believe a cyberattack this year could be a reality, especially the hack of dnc e-mails. >> the homeland security committee took a memo letter to the homeland security secretary saying, in part, election security is critical an a cyberattack by foreign actors on our election systems could
7:44 am
n three short months for the presidential elections, security experts are now raising some red flags. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. >> reporter: for weeks, donald trump has told his supporters the election could be out of his control. for the hackers, election day results could be manipulated by an affordable device you find online. >> i can insert it. resets the card and now i'm able to vote again. >> reporter: the voter doesn't need to leave the booth to hack the machine. how much does that cost? >> $15. >> reporter: for $15 i can hack the vote? kevin haley says elections can be hacked by breaking into the machines after the votes are collected. >> the results go from that machine into a piece of electronics that takes it to the
7:45 am
that is vulnerable for manipulation. >> reporter: how big of a hacking potential problem is this? >> well, there's a huge potential. there are so many places in the voting process once it goes electronic that is vulnerable. >> reporter: according to a report from the branden center for justice, one reason these voting systems are to vulnerable is their age. >> with found more than 40 states are using voting machines are at least ten years old. >> our system is as secure as can possibly make it. >> reporter: denise merle says the lack of funding keeps most precincts from updating their systems, but all machines have to meet specific government standard. >> the idea of a national hack of some sort is almost ridiculous because there is no national system. >> reporter: in fact, the more than 9,000 voting districts across the country all have different ways of running their elections down to the type of machine they use. merle says there are checks in place to prevent fraud.
7:46 am
heavily regulated. they are tested, both before and after. there are paper trails internet. >> less than a hundred days, we are going to the polls. thank you very much. good to see you. ahead, are insect repellants that use deet safe to use in the fight against zika? a veil of dust engulfs a city and how tens of thousands
7:47 am
rolling in from central arizona yesterday... and likely some of the california wildfire smoke. ................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ....... announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! here come the last of the 2016s! i love this part! stylish prius. sporty camry. fun corolla. adventurous rav4. they're all here... but not for long! hurry in for toyota's annual clearance event, where you can find 0% apr financing for 72 months on the 2016 camry.
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is with the treat you make together. ? ? ? take a look at this. a huge wall of red dust swept across phoenix blocking out the sunlight. time lapse video captured the the dust moved in ahead of a thunderstorm yesterday and drastically cut the visibility. there were no reports of any injury. a lot of people taking our their cameras and taking a lot of pictures. >> look at that haboob. >> that's a funny word. >> i bet most did not know that is the name of it. >> the haboob. i've learned something for the day. five young gymnasts beat the
7:52 am
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tonight ... to discus potentially reorganizing the clark county school district. >> it starts at 6 pm at the winchester cultural center. the current preliminary plan would give more power to schools....allowi ng organizational teams to outsource services. and that's something that employees are concerned about: (( denise bassett/ccsd bus driver: "we're scared, we' need to feel like you guys want us." )) (("you're going to lose a lot of good employees, you're going to lose a lot of good people that love kids, that want to be here...that can't. we can't afford to be here.")) ((brian loftus)) >> the advisory committee-- which voted unanimously in favor of the proposal-- says the plan is not about eliminating jobs. (("i am very concerned where folks are very fearful of an outcome that's not intended with this....that i think is driven by political agendas."
7:57 am
>> the committee says the plan is to call out inefficiency and ineptness of a top down dollar administration. the group will finalize plans by the middle of next week.. then it will be passed onto the state board for approval./// want to check on your commute along westbound 215, the left lane is closed between the warm springs and mccarran exits. traffic is of the beltway, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get out of the house a little early, if you're driving in from henderson. buffalo and cimarron are under construction between sky pointe and grand teton. also, expect to see some delays on elkhorn from us 95 to tenaya for the same project.
7:58 am
thanks to a huge dust cloud rolling in from central arizona yesterday... and likely some of the california wildfire smoke... ................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ............ temps have dropped back to the 70s and 80s this morning. ................... highs will stay below normal for a couple, three days... in the upper 90s for us today and tomorrow for a nice change.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday august 10, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including familiar brands with shorter labels. why food manufacturers think they can make more fewer ingredients. but first, today's eye opener at 8:00. >> donald trump denied his comment hinted at a threat against hillary clinton. he felt compelled to explain them more fully. >> the clinton campaign has demonstrate why more and more top republicans are defecting to their side. >> talking about political power. >> no. >> you've watched it probably 20 times. >> the best give benefit of the doubt is he was joking about a
8:01 am
joking about. >> he walked up to the officer and he shot her. he should have been using blank rounds, but instead he had live ammo. >> if you want to see something that's really on fire, look no further than team usa both in the pool and on the mat. >> american women are on equal standing with men in terms of medals won, but many believe female athletes are not given the credit they rightfully deserve. >> swing and drive! deep right field! giy and gone! >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and dana jacobson. norah o'donnell is off. a new poll this morning finds nearly 20% of republicans think donald trump should drop out of the presidential race.
8:02 am
trump said this about hillary clinton. >> hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- [ audience bo [ audience booing ] if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> the republican ambiguous comment drew sharp criticism. one of the critics had lost her mother in the sandy hook school shooting. and clinton's campaign manager said this is simple, what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states any way.ot suggest violence in - trump accused of, quote, dishonest media of twisting what he said. >> if it can be no other interpretation. even other reporters have told
8:03 am
but the dishonest people, what it is there's a tremendous power behind the second amendment. it's a political power. >> former cia director michael hayden, a republican, suggested that donald trump had crossed a line. >> look, it's either a very ill advised attempt at humor, touching upon political assassination, or the candidate just doesn't understand given american history when it comes this is something that we just don't touch. >> hayden already has said he will not support donald trump. he says if someone outside the hall had made those comments, the secret service would be questioning them. newly released e-mails raise questions about the clinton foundation's ties to the state department when hillary clinton was secretary of state. the conservative group, judicial watch, put out the e-mails. they include exchanges between
8:04 am
doug band who helped lead the global initiative. at one point band asked abadine for a favor. >> in another e-mail he asks her to connect one of the foundation's top donors, a ebanese nigerian with influence in lebanon. she promised to call a former u.s. ambassador to lebanon. she's always denied donors received any special treatment when she was secretary of state. the clinton wants nothing to do with a man whose son killed 49 people in orlando. at a rally on monday clinton paid tribute to the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting just a few feet away wearing a red hat was the father of the orlando gunman. clinton's campaign responded that it was an open door event for the public. this individual wasn't invited as a guest. and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event.
8:05 am
quote, she disagrees with his views and disavows his support. in rio the united states added four more gold medals in swimming and gymnastics last night. michael phelps earned gold in the 200 butterfly and the 4 by 200 relay bringing his gold medal count to 21. go michael phelps. the 31-year-old shared the moment with his infant and family. and katie ledecky won her second it was in her weakest olympic event the 200-meter freestyle. >> but it is the five women on the united states gymnastics team that are grabbing headlines. they earned their second consecutive olympic title last night, dominating a sport in which once was thought to be an after thought. ben tracy once again live for us. >> reporter: the women's u.s. gymnastics team has won the team
8:06 am
of the olympics skp, and two of those times just in the past four years. they're on top of a sport used to be dominated by eastern european, and part of the secret to the u.s. success is a couple of eastern europeans. this was a sweet repeat. the u.s. women grabbed gold by flipping faster and swinging stronger than any other team. aly raisman, laurie hernandez and madison kocian have made it easy to forget not so long ago u.s. women's gymnastics was not so good. >> we didn't really understand the history we were making. >> shannon miller was one of the magnificent seven. the 1996 olympic team that became the first u.s. women's team to win gold.
8:07 am
karolyi for some time now, and this is kind of the fruits of that labor. >> 73-year-old martha is married to bella karolyi, coach ed mary lou retton to gold and carried carrie strug. over three decades these two romaniaens who defected from their country brought eastern european mentality to u.s. gym better than practice is more practice. >> olympic medals, they're not won on the day of competition. they're won with years and years and years of hard work and dedication leading up to those games. >> reporter: the u.s. women's gymnastics team has become so dominant a lot of people forget there's also a u.s. men's team competing here in rio in this very same arena. and they've had to get creative to get some attention. earlier this year they hit one of rio's beaches and staged a full-scale ab attack on
8:08 am
generally willing to be object fied hoping to get some respect. the u.s. women need none of that. they only have to do this. and it's paid off. making them the stars of several tv ads and arguably the biggest draw at the rio olympics. >> we are the final five! >> reporter: they've proven that no five women wear gold quite so fiercely. so the big question is can the u.s. women stage a three-peat in tokyo. a lot will change before then. coach martha karolyi has said she plans to retire after these olympic games and many of the current squad aren't expected to compete in 2020. because of this system there's really a pipeline of a lot of talented u.s. gymnasts who should become quite competitive come tokyo.
8:09 am
themselves that final five nickname because martha karolyi says she is done now. there's so much love on that team too. >> quick point, how many gold medals will michael phelps have at the end of these olympics? >> he has more events. i don't know actually, charlie, because like last night he wasn't supposed to swim in that relay and he ended up in that relay. i know he has i think two more events or three more events. so you're looking at potentially 24, maybe 25. >> yeah, he's on a roll too. but i love watching these women. and i love that the men don't mind being object fied. >> why does that surprise me? >> i like the way they're thinking. that was fun. zika sparks new concerns about the use of insect repellant. ahead, why a higher concentration of deet in sprays doesn't mean the product will work anythanks to a huge dust c rolling in from central arizona yesterday...
8:10 am
................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ............ temps have dropped back to the 70s and 80s this morning. ................... highs will stay below normal for this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by
8:11 am
merle streep and hugh meryl streep and hugh grant find humor in their movie about a bad opera singer. how they overcame the challenges of portraying the tone deaf performer and her husband. you're watching "cbs this morning." jenkins and her husba. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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8:15 am
? in today's "morning rounds," the fight against zika. florida reported four new cases of the virus spread by local mosquitoes. there are now 21 total nontravel-related cases in palm beach, broward and beam-damiami county. health officials are urging people to use mosquito repellants and including some with our dr. jon lapook looks at that. >> to be honest, i don't know that i feel comfortable wearing deet. >> reporter: 31-year-old ali simon is pregnant and lives in new jersey and knows zika has reached mosquitoes in the united states and is weary of wearing insect repellant during her pregnancy. >> i would be hesitant to wear it and feel i would only wear it if i positively had to.
8:16 am
including pregnant women. >> reporter: dana vogel examines the health effect of pesticides. she understands the fear pregnant women may have of using chemistry to prevent the mosquito bites that spread zika. >> being a mom, having been pregnant at one point in time, that i would use a repellant. i think i know they are definitely safe use as i participated in the reviews of them. >> reporter: only been a few published studies addressing effects of deet on expectant mothers and their children and there is mostly animal research on the topic. one study found insect repellant with 20% deet used detail in the second or third trimesters were safe for the mother and baby. >> no product is put on the market unless it's found to be safe. >> reporter: deet-based product concentrations ranging from 5% to 100% and a higher number doesn't mean a product will work better but that it will last
8:17 am
group, 5% deet lasts about an hour, while 30% lasts up to eight hours. >> to me that is the most important thing is follow the label and use the repellants as they are labeled for use. >> for "cbs this morning," i'm dr. jon lapook. >> dr. lapook says it's important to remember whatever repellant you use, carefully read the label and follow the directions. >> talking about that. the food companies are embracing saying you are what you eat. ahead, the growing trend of making products with fewer ingredients an w address the biggest problem with processed food. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the makers of nondrowsy claritin. join claritin blue sky living today. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
8:18 am
. we'll bring you more as soon as new updates come in. this house was literally invaded minutes after the mom came back from a grocery run. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? we have a situation. everything alright in there ? witnesses say this is where it all started, okay guys. we're comimg in now. copy that. all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. (vo) at friskies, pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. new friskies tender and crunchy combo. tasty textures cats gotta have. friskies. for cats. by cats. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds.
8:21 am
? have you been to the store lately? a new selling point for packaged food and fewer ingredients. food giants hope that simpler labels will attract more consumers by helping them recognize what you're eating. earlier this year the hershey's company introduced a simple five syrup that used to have 11
8:22 am
fewer ingredients and bertolli is also coming out with products with fewer ingredients. what is behind this trend? i definitely noticed it out there. >> people are losing trust in the largest food companies and they are very concerned about these massive ingredient lists on many products in the grocery store. they go on and on forever. the companies are responding in kind of e how, which is to take out the things that they really don't need in those products. >> but is it healthier because there are fewer ingredients? >> that is the real question, is it healthier? you can almost say simply, question. but what is left in? what is left in there typically is the salt and fat and calorie and they will have less artifici
8:23 am
gmo perhaps. >> what are they taking out and does it taste better? >> they are taking out coloring. like that bright orange glow in the kraft mac and cheese is gone. >> that's a good thing. >> that is a good thing. they are taking out artificial preservatives. they can find natural preservatives to maintain the shelf life that is a good thing. they are taking out gmo and glut people are concerned about that too. >> and the taste? >> every chemical sounding name because that worries people but i'm not sure that worry is well hs placed. >> does it taste better? >> that is what they are making sure. none of the companies will roll out all of this without better taste. that is the bottom line for them. that is the risk they don't want
8:24 am
calories and salt and sugar fat and fat. they should also look at adding good things to their product. one thing to sort of take the hot pocket, nestle but can they stop the hot pockets of the things we should be eating more of as in fruits and vegetables. >> and chocolate and broccoli? >> that sound yummy. chocolate and broccoli. >> syrup is syrup, righ hershey's, go for it, right? but if you're looking for a product that should be healthy for you. >> on the floor, you say this is a good friend, don't you, michael? >> listening to consumers and paying attention is a good thing. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you for joining us at the table again. you have a very distinct speaking style. where are you from? >> california. >> gayle, had somewhere else in mind. >> like london. >> speaking of london.
8:25 am
join us, giving us an inside look at their new movie about > overnight.. after there were reports of a monkey on the loose.. on a frontier airlines flight. mccarran says the monkey is an emotional support service animal.. and the passenger who brought the animal did have the right paperwork.. airport staff say it's still unclear if the monkey really got loose mid-flight. /// state ofc education savings accounts program. that brings the total to just over half a million dollars in legal fees. the nevada supreme court heard arguments last month .. on whether to lift the hold. the program allows parents to use public education money for private school. opponents say it's unconstitu tional./// we've teamed up with smiths and silver state schools credit union to collect school supplies. they'll be distributed to more than 18 at- risk schools in clark county. the drive runs through friday. go to our website las vegas now
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donations./// now we want to get a check on your commute
8:27 am
covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ............ temps are moving back into the 80s now, but the sunshine is quite hazy. ................... highs will stay below normal for a couple, three days... in the upper 90s for us today and tomorrow for a nice change. then low 100s friday... and heating up back above 105 for the weekend.///
8:28 am
i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message.
8:29 am
in washington, has congressman joe heck been standing up for you? heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and heck's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. joe heck. part of the problem in washington.
8:30 am
? welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, merle streep and hugh grant teaming up in a new movie called
8:31 am
see how california makers make this and a cotton candy flavored wine is next. >> that is interesting. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. rolling stone" reports that ed sheeran is accused of ripping off marvin gaye's "let's get it on." play close attention to the guitar and background beat, starting with gaye's classic. ? i've been really trying baby ? ? trying to hold back this feeling for so long ? ? i will be loving you until 17 ? >> almost need it without the
8:32 am
another lawsuit was filed against shearn two months a ago. g gaye's family won another lawsuit for another song being copied "got to give it up." "people" reports on the use of the dating app tinder skyrocketing in the olympic village since the rio games begin. swipes are up 69% and matches up 29%. tinder expects the trend to contin t olympics is a very sexually charged time, profiles say plenty of time to kill and looking for fun in rio. >> the shirtless gymnastics guys are running around. >> and everyone is feeling good about themselves and bodies in rio. >> we need to clarify something now. a headline we reported on yesterday which criticized yvonivanka trump for the appare lack of paid maternity leave offered by a company she does
8:33 am
to be clear her own fashion company offers eight weeks of paid maternity leave to all employees. florence foster jenkins dreamed of being an opera star. the one thing this new york socialite did not have was talent. ? >> but that voice carried jenkins to carnegie hall. on the way, she became famous for her lack of rhythm and pitch. golden globe winner hugh grant bring her story to life and it's called "florence foster jenkins." grant plays florence's extremely you could say supportive husband. >> you look very, very, well. >> i don't feel that i am viewing the moment of inspiration with the intensity deserved but it was a serviceable attempt. >> better than that. good. >> my ambulance, please.
8:34 am
catastrophe been averted? >> a choice for chives. >> unconscionable. >> they tell me a war is begun. >> it has begun. >> what about the sandwiches? >> cucumber and a hint of dijon mustard. >> excellent. how do i look? >> wondaba. >> welcome to you both! >> thank you. >> it is so great to see the two of you on screen playing husband and wife. i love this relationship. you said it was both terrifying and exill rahilirating to work merle streep. talk about the relationship between the two. >> she is demanding of her actors. >> she tried to sue me. almost every day, i thought it will make me feel better if merle is nervous as well. i used to say, merle, are you
8:35 am
and said, yes, i'm nervous. >> i was nervous. >> then you got bored of me asking. >> no, i never did. >> i'm not nervous! >> it was never stop being terrified on a certain level and because i thought i was inflicting this sound on people. >> merle, the singing was so bad! last time you were here, it was bad. but good/bad in a good way. last time you were playing ricky, the rock star, and almost like bleaking. i'm wondering, how did you prepare for that? >> i did have to learn nine very different things. florence foster jenkins picked the most difficult soprano. i did learn them to sing them as well as i could and then screwed around with them and tried to make my accompanyists laugh. that was my goal. >> did she think she was good?
8:36 am
impaired. yeah. as many of our own judgment is about when we are assessing ourselves. >> harder to sing, though, off key? it seems like it would be more difficult than try to make it good or more damaging. >> it's just fun. it's what you dream of if you spent your life trying to stay on pitch. >> hugh, how would you describe the relationship? hugh called her bunny and very loving to her and also had a girlfriend. on some level youw girlfriend but you sort of do this. but he clearly loved her too, it seemed? >> well, it was -- it was rather a molten relationship. sometimes i think that is why steven asked me to be in the film he thought who is a rather unusual domestic arrangement? but it was a little molten but it was full of love, yes. full of love. >> you also had to take dance classes to play this part?
8:37 am
correct? >> uh-huh. >> but for you was this dance portion something different for you? >> it was a nightmare. you're reading the script thinking i might be able to do that and might be able to do that and, oh, god, you got to dance. something a screen writer dashes off brilliantly. i'm stuck in the studio for three months, ladies in leotards. >> how did you do it? >> they were very nice. >> can i change the subject to politics? >> oh. >> we were both on the floor and was that for you an easy experience? was that a passionate experience? >> it was personal. it was sort of -- it meant an enormous amount to me because i just felt the press of history behind me. i felt my grandmother and my mother imagining what they would feel. my mother was born before women could vote. it's very recent that we have
8:38 am
states with our rights, and so i felt it was a moment in history and i felt like i was surfing this huge wave of wonderfulness. >> where are you living? >> in london. >> you're in london? >> yeah, yeah. also, oddly enough, spent a life almost devoted to politics now. i was held back to show business to do this film. >> was that a nice break? you were doing a lot with the >> that's right. >> sort of a nice break to get back to action? >> yes, it was. it's been lovely. because instead of, you know, worrying about press regulation and changing the laws and a number of votes we can get in the house of lords, you're also worrying about what shade of makeup should i wear? it did feel relaxing. >> we ask a lot of people when they come here what sort of the way it looks, the u.s. politics right now, how it looks from
8:39 am
you're smiling already, how has it looked to you from afar? >> we are in no position to laugh. >> brexit, right. >> we just hit ourselves in the foot. but, yeah, i'm afraid there is a certain comedy value to be had for strangers watching what is happening here. but, i mean, frightening comedy as well. and it's not just here. one sees it in, you know, in the european countries where quite scary people arein fore. >> do you have any desire for politics here? you're very actively involved in the organization to cut down on hacking. i think it's amazing the work you're doing in london. >> you get the feeling they do have a nice time. it's sort of viable game of snakes they are playing all day every day. i can see how that could become addictive and fascinating. but in the end, i don't know. >> i hear a maybe? >> i do too. >> i don't think you get enough
8:40 am
what has happened, because a first woman to become president, if, in fact, she is elected, you might feel the compulsion to serve, to do something, to be involved in a way that you haven't been involved before? >> it's a tricky thing. i love being an actor. so it interferes with my, dare i say, art or the thing that i love doing to be political, and so i try to stay out, but it keeps pulling me in! because -- because the other part of it, as a citizen right now, we are obliged to stand up and say, i don't -- this can't stand, this is impossible. >> and this is what -- >> this cannot represent us. yes. so every person is obliged to do
8:41 am
rolling in from central arizona yesterday... and likely some of the california wildfire smoke. ................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ............
8:42 am
................... highs will stay below normal for a couple, three days... in the upper 90s for us today and tomorrow for a nice change. then low 100s friday... and heating up back above 105 for the weekend./// and heating up back above 105 for the weekend./// for over 300,000 nevadan y means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
? we are all familiar with fruit, flavored candy, but what california farmers are enjoying the sweet success of growing grapes with unexpected taste and one variety even mimics the flavor ted cotton candy. carter evans has more. >> reporter: it's harvest time in the vineyard near bakersfield, california. farmers jack pannedle and jack
8:46 am
for ripeness. >> ripe. >> we take it right up to the edge. the tremendous flavors come in right at the end. >> reporter: and those flavors might surprise you. >> tastes like cotton candy. >> totally tastes like cotton candy. >> reporter: cotton candy is one of the six varieties with gum drops and flavor promise that are specifically bred with all goal in mind -- taste. >> there is a reason when you go to the store and down the candy aisle half of the candy is fruit fruit should taste like. >> reporter: but beagle says taste is not a concern for most retailers. >> they want cheaper and bigger and prettier and shelf life. >> reporter: small farmers beagle and pannedle thought a bigger way to stand out in california's 1.8 billion dollar grape growing industry. the cotton candy, flavor,
8:47 am
>> we look at each other and go what happened? >> reporter: what happened they teamed up with a fruit genetist. they crossed different species by hand. >> it's like going fishing or something. you never know what you're going to get. >> reporter: millions of cross pollinations leads to tens of thousands viable plants but only a few produce truly great grapes. >> we ask if we inject kroncot y it's none of that. >> reporter: the cotton candy grapes have a cult-like following and fans post pictures online when they find them in stores and the patented fruit is available in every state but only from mid august through september. pannedle puts his personal e-mail on every package. i've never heard of a farmer getting fan mail before. >> as we get close to the time, the traffic starts to pick up. when are they coming? i drove over to the store, they didn't have them and people
8:48 am
when they are ready, we will send them. >> reporter: this month their newest grape flavor pops is being taste tested in limited quantities in los angeles. >> it's like it's bursting in your mouth, full of flavor! it's delicious! >> scale 1 to 10, that is a 10! >> reporter: what we tapped into is this emotional connection with consumers that they are passionate about things that taste great. >> reporter: the main question here when are we getting cotton candy one? >> we actually made it already and i hate to break it to you, >> reporter: what? >> it tastes like overly flabby chardonnay and smells like stale doughnuts. >> reporter: but it's the sweetness that makes cotton candy grapes taste so good. >> weird. because you think it's going to be, like, fruit, like a grape, but then it's cotton candy. >> reporter: according to beagle, there are about 20% sugar and most table grapes are around 17%. >> very candy-like! [ laughter ] >> reporter: they cost a few dollars more, but are packed
8:49 am
people taste cotton candy grapes for the first time. the look on their faces is priceless! >> reporter: and that makes the eight to ten years it takes to bring a new grape to market worthwhile. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, bakersfield. >> i know before the segment, i was told stop eating the product. that is cotton candy grape is really good. >> the one called gum drops is even te >> here you go. >> i wish they would come up with a way, guys, to do chocolate. >> i try not to do that. a whole bunch for you. there you go. >> very, very well done. >> does it taste like cotton candy? >> it does.
8:51 am
8:52 am
that does it for us.
8:53 am
be sure it tune into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley
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today is the last town hall meeting.. before a committee finalizes a proposal.. to reorganize the clark county school district. last night, residents gave their opinion on the reorganization. some are afraid of what the changes will do not only to the schools.. but also to their jobs: (( denise bassett/ccsd bus driver: "you're going to lose a lot of good employees, you're going to lose a lot of good people that love kids, that want to be here...that can't here." )) ((brian loftus)) >> the advisory committee says the plan is not about eliminating jobs. tonight's final meeting will be at six-pm.. at the winchester cultural center. once everything is done, the committee will finalize plans by next week.. before it heads to the state board for approval. /// ((brian loftus)) there was monkey mayhem at mccarran overnight.. after reports of a monkey on the loose....on a frontier airlines flight. mccarran says the monkey ended
8:56 am
and the passenger who brought the animal had the right paperwork.. airport staff say it's still unclear if the monkey really got loose mid-flight. /// ((brian loftus)) the hit show "absinthe" is moving to the cosmopolitan later this year. right now, the show is at the "spiegel tent" outside caesars palace. it will take over the former ballroom.. inside the modern supper club "rose rabbit lie." "absinthe"'s last day at caesars palace is october 21-st. /// ((brian loftus)) concert goers will soon "life is beautiful". single day tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10-am. several big headliners that will be at the event are mumford and sons... j- cole... major lazer... and much more. the three day event starts september 23rd... for more information on the festival, just go to our website las vegas now dot com. ///
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wildfire smoke. ................ that dust kicked up by thunderstorm winds and phoenix covered with the moving wall of dust. ............ there was a dust advisory through the afternoon in central with thunderstorms firing off from tucson to phoenix to kingman. ............ temps are moving back into the 80s now, but the sunshine is quite hazy. ................... highs will stay below normal for a couple, three days... in the upper 90s for us today and tomorrow for a nice change. then low 100s friday... and heating up back above 5
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